Çalık Enerji’s Assurance in Libya is Duyar Pompa

Fire safety in the Libya Power Plant, which is being carried out by Çalık Enerji, will be provided by Duyar Pompa. Duyar Pompa stands out with its 65 years of industry experience; It continues to ensure fire safety with its environmentally friendly and smart technology pumps that comply with international standards.

Duyar Pompa, a brand with a deep-rooted history in the industry, was preferred for the fire pumps to be used in the Libya Power Plant operated by Çalık Enerji.

In Libya Power Plant Project; DNP 80-250 model NFPA 20 compliant horizontal end-suction fire pump set is used. Each consisting of 1 main fire pump with 55 kW electric motor, 1 spare fire pump with 55 kW electric motor and 1 jockey pump to overcome the plumbing leaks. And also, conventional type booster set with three pumps.

Duyar Pompa General Manager Faik Öner made the following statement:

“With our 65 years of industry experience, we continue to provide services on a global scale with our pump and booster systems produced entirely with domestic resources and Turkish Engineering. We provide the necessary security against dangers such as fire that can threaten all living things with our fire pumps, which are efficient, comply with international standards and are smart technology. In order to obtain effective and long-lasting results in the use of pump systems, factors affecting efficiency must be prioritized. Depending on the right choices, it is possible to ensure that the pump operates economically and silently. We continue to offer accurate and effective solutions in our collaborations with our R&D activities on this subject. With our understanding that our roots are local and our vision is global, we are proud to carry our journey, which we started 65 years ago, beyond our borders.”