Duyar Pump Technology at Bayraklı Royal

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Duyar Pump Technology at Bayraklı Royal

The fire safety of Bayraklı Royal residences is entrusted to Duyar Pompa. Fire safety in Bayraklı Royal Residences built by İzka İnşaat in İzmir Karşıyaka will be provided by Duyar Pompa.

Duyar Pompa, one of the leading companies in the pump and hydrophore industry with 65 years of industry experience, continues to be the choice of prestigious projects.

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Solution Partner is Duyar Pompa

Duyar Pompa became a solution partner in the project in question with NFPA 20 horizontal end-suction fire pump set, OPUS series circulation pump, vertical shaft booster and waste water pump.

In the project, a fire pump set consisting of NFPA 20 compliant DNP 65-250 horizontal end suction 37 kW electric motor, 1 main, 1 spare, and 1 jockey pump and expansion tank to prevent installation leaks were used.

Engine-On-Frequency 2-pump Booster set, Opus series Frequency Converter Circulation Pump and Waste Water Pumps were also used in the project.

Duyar Pompa, which offers the most suitable pump systems for building technologies, industrial facilities, energy and gas production facilities, continues to take part in prestigious projects.

Pump Technology

The fire pump, which ensures that water reaches the fire extinguishing systems with pressure and constant flow, feeds the sprinkler system, fire hose and hydrant installation.

The fire pump is selected to best suit the need. Otherwise, it cannot provide a successful fight against the fire threat. At this point, the most suitable and correct pump for the need is selected through Duyar Pompa engineering work. In addition, Duyar Pompa’s After-Sales Services provide the necessary technical support during the use of the pump.

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