The Laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture are Entrusted to Duyar Pompa!

Contributing to the protection of energy and water resources in the projects in which it is a solution partner with environmentally friendly pump technologies, Duyar Pompa continues to be the choice of the most prestigious projects in Turkey.
The fire safety of the laboratories belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture will be provided by Duyar Pompa’s environmentally friendly and highly efficient firefighting systems.
Drawing attention to the importance of choosing the pump appropriate to the project, while known to be the factors that affect the efficiency of the pump long life and quiet operation in addition to the efficient work of the pump Anıl Paksoy corporate communications said that: “In the sense of our projects and we paid the price in terms of social benefits to the individual that will provide the future of both countries about the use of new generation of energy efficient products, we care. We continue to take continuous steps with the goal of becoming an engineering force that produces solutions worldwide and to show that we are reliable collaborators with the successful roles we have taken in important projects. In this context, we ensure the fire safety in the laboratories of our Ministry of Agriculture. We are pleased to offer the most suitable water pressurization systems to the institutions in different fields and we produce pumps and pump systems developed with 100% domestic facilities. We are experiencing the rightful pride of serving the state institutions with the new generation products we produce.”