The Newly Opened Tokat Airport Said “We are Sensitive to Life”

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Tokat Airport Said “We are Sensitive to Life”

Inaugurated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the 57th airport of Turkey, the New Tokat Airport, has been secured by Duyar Pompa and Booster systems.

At New Tokat Airport, the construction of which was completed in 3 years with an investment cost of 1 billion 200 million TL and a capacity of 2 million passengers.

Duyar Pompa’s Technologies

Duyar Pompa took part in the project with OPUS series frequency controlled wet rotor circulation pumps, DIP series frequency controlled dry rotor circulation pumps and DMVP SS F series frequency controlled stainless steel booster groups, DWWP series wastewater pumps and DGT series expansion tanks.

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Tokat Airport Project

Stating that the new Tokat Airport is a symbol of the future goals of the city, Duyar Pompa General Manager Faik Öner said in his statement that: “We are experiencing the rightful pride of taking part in the Turkey’s 57th airport, the New Tokat Airport, with Duyar Pompa solutions. I would like to thank my team, who have made serious efforts in the preparation and commissioning of this project, once again through you.”

“We took part in this project with our roots, our domestic vision, our global approach, as well as our wet rotor and dry rotor circulation pumps, as well as our booster solutions. Our circulation pumps have a wide range of uses in heating, cooling and air conditioning systems. OPUS detects the needs of the pump system and in accordance with this need; we guarantee highly efficient and long-lasting use with minimal energy consumption.”

Frekans konvertörlü sirkülasyon pompası

“At Duyar Pompa, which meets expectations in the field of pump and booster solutions at a high level with reliable, effective and domestic resource use and adopts the environmentally sensitive philosophy as a principle, we will continue to take part in large-scale projects with our product chains that encourage green investment. Production is taking form on the basis of green transformation and is becoming a direction for commercial life. As the Duyar family, we are directing our work in the shadow of global value chains. We are working with all our might for sustainable industry, which reveals ways to provide more sustainable and environmentally respectful production cycles without compromising the clean energy approach.”

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