We Direct Our Activities In Line With Green Investment


We Direct Our Activities in the Shadow of Global Value Chains that Encourage Green Investment

The climate crisis is a global problem and affects everywhere. Today, energy efficiency and the green environment are one of the mostly talked topics. At the COP26 Summit in Glasgow, all decision makers and leaders emphasized the importance of thinking locally on this issue and underlined that step should be taken.

We evaluated this issue, which many different sectors have addressed within the scope of their internal dynamics, with Faik Öner, General Manager of Duyar Pompa, which is mentioned as one of the new leading companies of the sector in terms of sustainable technologies.

Green Investment

Faik Öner saying that the decrease in energy resources, the use of fossil-based energy resources and the negative effects of the gases formed afterward have necessitated the development of devices that consume less energy suggests that:

“Greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and climate change issues, especially since the 1990s has become a global agenda. Within the scope of combating these problems, many studies are carried out at the regional or international level. Finally, with the Paris Climate Agreement signed in 2015, almost all countries in the world have made a number of commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.The Green Investment chain is important for the green transformation in industry on a global scale.”

Climate Crisis

“The European Union (EU), which has taken the most concrete steps to solve these problems so far and encouraged other countries in this regard, has also caused result of this determination and sensitivity in the European Green Deal statement published in November 2019. This agreement is of great importance not only for the EU member states, but also for all countries that have a political, economic and geographical relationship with the EU.”

“In addition, public and private sector organizations and international organizations that are directly or indirectly connected with the EU also fall within the scope of the published memorandum. The focus of the deal is to create a cleaner and more sustainable world. As Duyar Pompa, we give priority to environmentally friendly products throughout all life cycles in our product range, which we are developing with a focus on renewable energy.”

Pumps With Frequency Converter

“In this context, the use of frequency converter in the pumps we produce also makes an important contribution to energy efficiency. Because the pumps are selected according to the maximum load required, that is, the need, but they spend a very large part of their life at partial loads, that is, meeting much lower needs. The most typical example of this is the OPUS circulation pumps used in the heating system. Circulation pumps with frequency converter allow the pump to operate closer to the actual required value and provide significant energy savings by reducing the frequency in load requirements corresponding to 98% of the heating period.”

“Another issue that affects energy efficiency is related to the choice of pumps. If the pump is selected at the wrong point, the advantages of high motor and hydraulic efficiency are almost eliminated. The highest hydraulic efficiency point indicated on the pump curve needs to be selected in the region of ±20%. If he is not elected in this region, the negativity that may occur may not be prevented.” he used his statements.”

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Choosing a Pump

While choosing a pump, knowing the factors affecting its efficiency will ensure that the pump will work long-lasting and quiet, as well as its efficient operation, Duyar Pompa General Manager Faik Öner continued, “As a result, the use of new generation energy-efficient products will provide individual and social benefits both in terms of the price we pay and in terms of the future of the country. Such approaches will accelerate our meeting with a more livable, greener world. Production is taking form on the basis of green transformation and is becoming a direction for commercial life. At Duyar Pompa, we are directing our activities in the shadow of global value chains that encourage green investments. We are working with all our might for sustainable industry, which reveals ways to provide more sustainable and environmentally respectful production cycles without compromising the clean energy approach.”

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